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San Juan Bay Estuary has a unique role to play in the NEP. The first tropical island estuary to take part in the program, it contains coral communities, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests- all habitats designated critical areas. The estuary is one of the many tropical areas trying to balance economic needs and resource protection through environmentally sensitive tourism. Information gained and lessons learned in this NEP can help other tropical estuaries in the United States and the Caribbean.

From the ecological stand point, sailing respects the environment, by transporting people making no more noise than water splashing and using the wind power as the main source of energy. The only “contamination” foreseen, is the normal impact that the “Sailing Effect” has on people’s behavior. Sailing may change their lives!!

Sailboat Specifications - J30 Sailboat

Sail San Juan Bay J30 Sailboat

Too large a boat can be intimidating. A slow boat will eventually turn off the young. A racing boat may not be suitable for serving a nice meal or curling up with a good book. It seems the ads claim every boat to be a "racer-cruiser." Few really are. Even fewer would get the vote of each family member. We know there’s only one that will and has for nearly three decades: The J/30.
At least that’s the opinion of the three families who designed and built it... combining 102 years of cruising and racing experience in everything from 8 to 46 feet. And, you’d receive another 545 endorsements from current owners.

Reasons to Sail with us:
The Captain is friendly, cool, helpful, love kids and senior citizens and doesn't care to much about your weight or about any other human classification. The sailboat, is a racer cruiser, meaning you can sail fast and still go INSIDE the boat to pick up a beer or use a toilet with the door closed! The experience, you'll sail by our old city historical icons, you'll drink all you want and have some snacks.

The sail trip
Is a private experience in groups no more than 6, where you will enjoy as many drinks and snacks as wanted while enjoying the sailing action and the sightseeing. Sailing a racer cruiser sailboat, itself is big surprise for many who haven't been in one before and enjoyable for all.


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