We have been recognized by tousands of good customers as a 5 stars operation, that cannot be confused to tourist trap or a mass production one. However, its important to read the following to make sure you are a fit to have fun in our authentic sailing trips.

How big is the boat?

Size doesn't matters! . . yeah right. A J30 sailboat is pretty big inside for being a racer-cruiser. Its equipped with a galley, a toilet, cabin, berths . . . However, to have fun sailing with the wind power, we sail sitting by the cockpit which is good space enough for a small group. Its NOT a yacht, NOR a Catamaran . . . and no need to be

Why captains are so bossy?

Because we are, and sometimes may sound rude. Only Captains rules aboard. Your safety is in our hands. People who have problems following rules, this is not for you.

What should I wear?

No heels, only rubber soles. Clothes that cannot be damaged with hard surfaces

Who is this for?

Basically ALL ages, with not partial limitations, that are able to lift a foot over 20 inches to come aboard

Do kids pays as an adult?

Yes. Every life counts aboard. And actually is a great deal, kids requires more attention and more work. Parents have to keep them close

Can I bring food or drinks from outside?

No. We offer drinks and snacks complimentary

Can I celebrate my birthday with ballons and cake?

No. But many people come celebrate sailing and enjoy big time

Is this a boat where I can stand and walk around?

Yes and No. Customers sail sitting down, laying back and sometimes may stand in front for a photo and return

Do you wait for customers that are late?

No. We depart sharp. Is unpolite to make others to wait, who responsibly arrived on time. We don't refund for not showing up.You will loose your sail

Can I play my music?

Yes, If you are in a private party.

What happend if weather is not good?

Weather cancellations are our call. If we determine that is not good to sail, we cancel with 100% refund or reschedule

Can I wear a life preserver?

No. It occupies space and limit your ability to hold and your balance. We have, for emergencies only, the right ones required to be used in a commercial vessel

Do I have to know to swim?

No. San Juan sailing trips, are just sailing aboard, unless you pay a custom sail trip

Is this is a dinner cruise?

No. Its a sailing trip, we go sideways and is not suitable to have meals. Only our snacks

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